Wondering if an FSU program meets the licensing requirements in your home state or the state where you intend to practice? Many of our programs lead to professional licensure or certification. Whether your academic path leads to a career in social work, speech pathology, law, teaching, or another field, you may need a license to practice. In the search fields below, enter a program and/or major and then state to find out if your program meets the state's educational requirements for licensing.

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    Please Note: FSU makes every effort to ensure information regarding educational requirements for licensure or certification is current but is unable to guarantee that program requirements are met in any other state besides Florida. State requirements may change, and even when a program meets educational requirements for licensure or certification, state licensing boards may stipulate additional criteria (e.g. professional examination, background check, etc.). If you intend to pursue professional licensure or certification after graduating, we encourage you to contact the appropriate licensing board for guidance before beginning an academic program.

    Don't see your program listed? Some programs aren't designed to meet specific licensure requirements and won't be listed in this database. However, a program that isn't designed to meet licensing requirements may still meet them. Contact the offering college or department for more information.